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Hey Montgomery! Your Guide to Your City is getting better! PDF Print E-mail

Welcome to OnlineMontgomery! Since 1998, OnlineMontgomery has been providing information about Montgomery, Alabama for residents and visitors alike. With the implementation of a modern community network system, and up to the minute news feeds from just about every news source out there, OnlineMontgomery is now, more than ever, Your Guide to Your City!

Lots of websites give you information about lots of things, but when it comes to the info you want or need about whats going on in Montgomery, Online Montgomery is the place to start! But don't stop there. Join the party! Sign up today for your own free membership and help make OnlineMontgomery even better! Better yet, use our site to promote yourself or your business! Our goal is to bring residents and businesses together in a way that's never been done before, so come join us!

We still consider this site to be in Beta mode because we've still got lots of content to add. Please let us know if you encounter any problems, or have suggestions on how we can serve the entire River Region better with our website.


Online Montgomery features:
  • Complete information about Montgomery... the good, the bad, the ugly... from the people who live here.
  • News that is relevant to each and every Montgomery citizen as well as visitors!
  • Personal profile sections that will let you meet other people in Montgomery!
  • Open door policy on content submission! Got something to say? Say it!
  • The most popular ideas on how to enjoy the local area and make it better!
  • The perfect place to advertise your business to River Region Residents!
  • Professional advertising services that include world class web design, social network marketing and graphic design and even printing services.
  • Assistance with just about any techno-project you might have! We love technology and we'll be happy to help you use it for yourself or you business.
  • We'll even cut your grass for you! (just kidding.)
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